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The IM Team is invited into a wide variety of communities from a diverse range of cultures. We are trusted to show the highest standard duty of care.

In order to cultivate this trust, we strive to be transparent and responsive to issues involving public health, child protection and cultural awareness, whilst making inclusion and tolerance the highest of values.

A team may travel many days and thousands of kilometres to meet with the smallest community, so it is important that we communicate the team’s staus and manage the expectations to minimise disappointment and offence.

To that end, we require team members to fill out the following form so that we can make our hosts aware of any compliance issues that may arise and manage those expectations well in advance.


Drivers Licence

Impact Group requires a copy of the licence of any person before they can drive a vehicle belonging to Impact Group
Regarding Fines and Infringement Notices(Required)
Max. file size: 128 MB.
Suggestion: Take a screenshot of your digital licence from the NSW Ap or a photo of your licence (both sides).

Working with Children’s Check (WWCC)

Most of the venues the team visit will require a working with children check for every member of the team. A WWCC is an essential requirement for every team member.
If you require a Working with Children Check you can apply for one on the NSW Services Website. Applications usually only take a few days


This trip is about giving to these communities in a way that blesses them without creating any burden. Funding comes from the donations of generosity from churches and supporters. Each team member is expected to contribute $300 to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Team Expectations

This team has been put together to serve the mission of IM Team and the communities we visit. Team members are expected to prioritise the objective of the mission.